Grasp the "The Belt and Road" opportunity Quanzhou Zhongquan group to Kenya pilot

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Stephen construction project in Kenya

Stephen construction project in Kenya
  In recent years, in the country "The Belt and Road" vision, the construction of the core area of the Silk Road on the sea in twenty-first Century to accelerate the construction of Quanzhou city in Fujian Province, twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road first area and support, which makes Quanzhou once again usher in a new development opportunity, but also speed up the Quanzhou enterprises "going out" pace. China International Economic and technical cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Zhongquan group) is one of the representatives.
  Founded in 1983, is a comprehensive Zhongquan group, approved by the former State Ministry of foreign trade and foreign economic enterprises, under the shipping company, service company, import and export companies, construction companies, real estate development companies, service companies, international labor service personnel abroad, the Consultation Service Co Property Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of 8 the company, and in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan set up 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries, the existing staff of nearly 100 people.
  Zhongquan group general manager Lin Dingfu said, "the company adhere to the" one industry based, multi management "principle, vigorously develop the overseas business and labor cooperation of seafarers at the same time, and actively carry out foreign contracted projects, real estate development, import and export trade, investment and other services, and provide the coastal and ocean going fishing."

Chinese and non party staff
  In September this year, China Group Company China Construction Engineering Company Limited and Gabriel hundred years of investment and development (Beijing) Co., a joint venture of 3 million yuan registered China Construction Group Co. Ltd. in Kenya, the main barracks, water, roads, electricity and other projects. The Zhongquan group shares accounted for 70%.
  "Investing in the construction of a $about 7000000 civil building project in Kenya, Nairobi, is the first building project to invest abroad. Currently the project is in a basic stage, is expected to be completed in 2018." Lin Dingfu said.
  Kenya is located in eastern Africa, the equator runs through it, the capital Nairobi mild climate, relatively stable political environment. 1963 to establish diplomatic relations, since twenty-first Century, the rapid development of bilateral relations, the economic situation is better, relatively stable political environment. Currently there are nearly 200 Chinese companies in Ken to carry out business, mainly related to engineering contracting, business and other fields.
  Lin Dingfu told reporters, "Kenya as our pilot project of" going out ", we hope that the solid steady job project, accumulate some experience, reserve talents, and on this basis, the future of Kenya to Tanzania, Uganda and other neighboring countries to develop."
  According to the introduction, mainly Zhongquan group Manning, dispatched workers and the crew of the countries and regions are mainly in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Singapore, Mauritius, Japan, South Korea, Saipan, Norway, by the end of 2015 in foreign labor service personnel of about 4200 people, the crew of about 2000 people, the labor staff of about 2000 people, about 200 people near the fishermen. The company's main business (shipping, import and export trade and services, engineering and construction) have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. After 30 years of efforts, China (Group) sustained and stable development of the company's business, continuously enhance the comprehensive strength, and achieved good economic and social benefits.