Green Logistics will become the future development trend

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Although the logistics to promote economic development, but the development of logistics but also bring adverse effects to the urban environment, such as transport noise, pollution, traffic congestion and the like.
To solve these problems, Hohhot municipal government proposed the "creation of a city a new image, and enhance capital accumulation and diffusion effect, improve urban environmental quality and grade, improve the comprehensive competitiveness," development strategy. Ordered the construction of logistics parks hub Hohhot City Development Corporation is further proposed to create "green logistics" concept. Green is another trend of logistics development. Green Logistics is the logistics system, pollution control, namely in the planning and decision-making logistics systems and logistics activities in environmental pollution as far as possible solutions, such as using a small amount of sewage truck models, close distribution, shipping and so on at night.
Interview, the reporter learned that, now or bicyclic surrounding the city is still a lot of logistics parks in urban areas, so there are many large transport vehicles are traveling in the second ring road every day, this city as a fast track to the original ring road caused great damage and traffic pressure. Only in 2012 the municipal sector to spend more than 10 million yuan for the repair and maintenance of the Second Ring Road, the annual maintenance area of 92,000 square meters, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the city's road maintenance area. During the interview, Municipal Engineering Administration Management Section informed Zhang told reporters: "With the development of the capital in recent years, especially the development of the northern part of the city, the western regional logistics industry, is currently in the second ring road with the increasingly large transport vehicles the more, while in the construction of ring road standard is designed for urban driving small vehicles, not suitable for large vehicles with present large vehicles rolling on the Second Ring Road and damage is very serious, for which municipal authorities also set up a FIMA Ring Road, Ring Road for conservation. "
Moreover, the public also has a view of the ring road with large transport vehicles. The people Ms. Wang said: "The first ring road with large vehicles is not safe, it should be based on this small road vehicle-based, mixed with large vehicles can easily lead to large vehicles into the city followed by a car accident also caused the environment. pollution, each raising a large vehicle zips are choking dust discharged out of a lot of smoke. "
How to solve these problems, Hohhot City Development Corporation Project Logistics Department official told reporters that they are Hohhot City East, South, West Third Ring Road surrounding node packet highway construction angry logistics center, logistics park Gold River, Jinchuan Oceans south around City logistics Park three heavy vehicles road freight yard transfer station. Among them, the Gold River Logistics Park will rely on modern road traffic conditions, the inner city part of the Second Ring Road farmers market, grain and oil wholesale market to move there, thus reducing the pressure within the Second Ring Road traffic, large vehicles to solve or reduce the call City core urban road damage, improve resource utilization, reduce pollution. In addition, three logistics parks are built in three-ring periphery, this would resolve the problem of large vehicles into the city from the root. "We plan to use within a few years time will be three new logistics park transport vehicles are converted from diesel to natural gas vehicles, transport vehicles greatly reduce the pollution caused to the urban environment, but also in the park with the construction of natural gas filling stations. all this is considered from the point of view to build green logistics. "logistics Hohhot City Development Corporation project Department official said.