CQC Crew Manning Company was established in 1983 as a subsidiary company of CQC Group. It is engaged in recruiting, training and assigning international seafarers to foreign flag vessels and dometic vessels.

CQC Crew Manning Company has been the leader and the frontrunner in this industry from the past 30 years and has expanded both in terms of business scope and good will in the market. We provide all year round qualified international seafarers to more than 20 shipping companies many of which are from Taiwan,Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea and some from  EU.

The main characteristics of the CQC crew are as follows:
Professional, Diligent, High Safety Awareness, Disciplined, Working English knowledge, Experienced, Cooperative.

Due to the above qualities today we have been able to establish firmly our brand image of CQC Crew in the international shipping community.

Our Aim

We intent to upgrade the crew dispatching business in the near future in order to enhance and enlarge the professionalism and quality of the service provided.

We want to further strengthen our brand and form an industrial chain including core values of “SAFETY FIRST”, “SERVICE FIRST” and INNOVATION.

Our Vision:
We would like to build our company and take it forward with integration of crew manning with professional training center, Information center and service center.
We aim to contribute to help achieve our country the goal of a Strong Maritime Nation.

To ensure that we reach our goals and achieve our objectives we have a high class team of Professionals who make up our top management to run the company. This team is made of former Captains, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers, Second engineers who not only have rich knowledge about the shipping industry but also have good experience about management of day to day business affairs. All of them are ably supported by other professional team members.