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    China Quanzhou International Techo-Economic Cooperation (Group) Co. Ltd. (CQC Group for short), founded in 1983, a comprehensive foreign economic enter…[详细]
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    Stephen (Group) Corporation, a company led by General Manager, Party branch secretary and deputy general manager of three companies, three departments …[详细]
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    CHINA QUANZHOU INTERNATIONAL TECHO-ECONOMIC COOPERATION (GROUP) CO.,LTD. Contact: Mr. SuPhone: 15060821761Tel: 0595-22162483Fax: 0595-22162483Address: …[详细]
  • 2016-12-30
  • 2016-12-23
    Stephen construction project in KenyaStephen construction project in KenyaIn recent years, in the country "The Belt and Road" vision, the construction of the core area of the Silk Road on the sea in twenty-first Century to accelerate the construction …
  • 2016-07-06
    Although the logistics to promote economic development, but the development of logistics but also bring adverse effects to the urban environment, such as transport noise, pollution, traffic congestion and the like.To solve these problems, Hohhot munic…
  • 2016-07-06
    Summary21st century, with China's accession to WTO, the world economy is becoming increasingly close, with the development of international trade, container transport - a simple convenient, efficient loading and unloading, the rapid development of saf…